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The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, often known as NEET-UG, is one of the most difficult entrance tests in India, drawing more than 18 lakh applications each year. And although only a small percentage of these applicants are accepted into the best medical schools in the nation, demand for extra seats in the very competitive medical exam rises every year.

The execution of a well-thought-out plan is equally important for passing the medical test, as it takes months of preparation.

Exam pattern:

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the three disciplines that the NEET UG Exam covers (as well as Botany and Zoology). There will be a total of 200 questions for the applicants, 180 of which must be answered in the allotted three hours for a possible score of 720. The syllabus encompasses Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany and covers the whole NCERT curriculum for Classes XI and XII.

Each objective question will be worth four points, and the candidate will receive four points for a correct response, while a negative point will be deducted for a wrong one.

Preparation tips for NEET 2023 aspirants:

  • Make it a daily habit to learn. You will eventually be able to concentrate for extended periods of time without being distracted.
  • Stop mugging up and put more attention on comprehending topics and using them to solve issues.
  • Improve the precision and speed of your calculations. Try to move quickly and accurately. Practice is required.
  • Develop your analytical abilities. Try utilising other approaches to remedy the same issue.
  • Make notes as soon as you begin your preparation. Important details, shortcuts, formulas, reactions, errors, etc. are all acceptable. Making notes will aid in your revision.
  • Concentrate on mastering time management, discipline, routines, and understanding fundamental principles.

"After putting in a significant amount of time and effort to create a flawless study schedule and diligently attempting to follow it, the majority of students end up not following the schedule after a week or so, thus putting all your efforts to waste." The reason for this failure is not being punctual. The aspirant should really try hard to stick to the schedule and should allow modifications in it so as to accommodate any changes in circumstances, i.e., making a realistic and flexible schedule. Ankit Kumar (who cleared NEET 2018 with a 99.91 percentile).

Mistakes to Avoid in NEET 2023 Preparation:

  • There are a tonne of tiny nuances in the NCERT that must not be missed. Don't fully ignore NCERT, even if you want to concentrate on the study materials for your tutoring. It will help to read it once or twice a week.
  • As soon as you can, you should put any uncertainties to rest. Do not be afraid to ask your teachers even the most ridiculous questions. If you don't quickly resolve your doubts, procrastination may result.
  • Don't let poor test results depress you. You will get better at NEET preparation as you take more tests. Practice exams only serve to evaluate your comprehension and learning. It allows you to learn from your errors.
  • Avoid doing anything that could waste your valuable time. You need to concentrate and be committed to studying for the NEET; everything else can wait.
  • Don't leave out any topics or chapters you believe are unnecessary for the NEET. Any subject may be covered in the NEET questions.


You should enrol in NEET 2023 coaching. Your preparation for NEET will be greatly aided by the coaches you work with. They will constantly monitor your study habits and level of preparedness in addition to assisting you with problems or clearing up concerns.

Being in coaching provides you with a lot of exposure to many high-quality questions, and the tests that are given there, which are based on the NEET pattern, can assist you in reducing the anxiety that many students experience before taking the actual exam.

Enroll in career and course programmes to get the best mentoring and guidance. With teachers that are highly qualified and skilled, it offers the best preparation strategy. Be quick! Dates for NEET UG 2023 are already available. Before it is too late, begin your preparation by clicking on this website:

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