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With the exponential growth in the number of smartphone users, online classes for careers in India have become very popular. Aspirants can access notes, interactive live classes, recorded lectures, and other reference study guides from the comfort of their own homes. You can also take advantage of the best online career courses in India from top professors from the comfort of your own home at any time. Plan your study schedule now to ensure your success with Career and Courses, which offers the best online career programmes in India.

With the vision to be India’s most comprehensive preparatory platform for competitive exams, Career and Courses was established with the noble intention of helping aspirants from every corner of India. Career and Courses has successfully nurtured exam-specific communities that provide aspirants with the necessary learning, equipment, and guidance for success.

Career and Courses is India’s largest provider of online job courses. Through live classes and an emphasis on structured methodology, Career and Courses has made exam preparation extremely effective. also connecting students with peers pursuing similar objectives to facilitate the exchange of notes, clearing doubts whenever necessary, and make better preparation.

During the pandemic situation, when everything was stuck due to a lack of communication, Career and Courses initiated career training online courses in India, which turned out to be very helpful training courses to get a job in India. The team realised that by focusing on career training online courses in India, they could contribute a huge amount to an aspirant's preparation for success. This motivated the founders to solve the problems and dispel the doubts of every aspirant by offering the best career training online courses in India and making their preparation more effective than ever before.

Career and Courses is an integrated program, providing the best online courses with jobs in India. It includes a number of tools to enhance learning, like

● Live quizzes and analysis
● Weekly discussions, mock tests,
● 24x7 mentor support
● Mind maps
● A day-wise study plan for each course is designed and delivered by the best teachers in the country.

Furthermore, Career and Courses provide

● Detailed solutions
● An in-depth analysis of student's performance
●Performance of student where they stand on the All India Rank and Scorecard.

The Best Learning Process:

The classes start with a live class on the relevant topics. This is followed by the students accessing their "Mind Maps," a unique concept through which students can recap what they have gone through in digestible nuggets, resulting in complete revision in the least amount of time possible. Students are then given chapter-wise quizzes to test how much they have learned, and the answers to these quizzes are discussed with the expert faculty for greater clarity.

Systematic Learning:

The team focuses on creating a plan not just for covering the syllabus but finishing it in a convenient way while remaining motivated throughout—something that aspirants will get hooked into and can follow outside of class hours.

Evolving Framework:

Strengthening the collective model through the contributions of each participant is a mantra that Career and Courses follows dearly.

Verified and Peer-to-Peer Learning:

Careers and Courses has managed to build an online learner's community, which is now at the heart of the learning process. Students interact with other students and mentors to solve doubts and ask questions that enrich their learning experience.

Building Confidence of aspirants:

As a constant knowledge-focused platform, Career and Courses also build a sense of camaraderie, confidence, and healthy competition, which are extremely important for comprehensive personality development, especially if aspirants are aiming to crack prestigious competitive examinations.


When students enrol in a course on Career and Courses Classroom, they are assigned a personal mentor who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions they may have.

Career and Courses is a free preparatory platform for everyone who is preparing for competitive exams. They can download the app on their smartphones and visit the website to prepare for their respective exams. They can join the community, interact with fellow peers and top mentors to get their doubts answered, and get access to preparation material like previous years’ papers, quizzes, etc. All of this is free of cost.

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