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As railway jobs provide a solid pay scale and benefits, they are sought after by thousands of applicants around the nation. Commercial apprentices in the railroad industry are one such position that doesn't receive enough attention from applicants. By taking the test, you may be appointed as a commercial driver after passing the Railway Recruitment Board's (RRB) NTPC test for apprentices. The previous RRB NTPC job openings were published in 2019. The railways successfully carried out RRB NTPC Stage 1 in all RRB regions from December 28, 2020, to July 31, 2021, in 7 phases.

In accordance with the 7th Pay Commission, let's look at the total in-hand and gross income for a Railway Commercial Apprentice, or CA. Learn about the salary, job description, and career advancement for railway commercial apprentices.

Railway (RRB NTPC) Commercial Apprentice Vacancy and Pay :

There are 259 open positions, and the station master's starting salary is Rs 35,400.

Railway Commercial Apprentice Salary as per the 7th Pay Commission :

In the railway industry, a commercial apprentice (CA) must complete 80 days of training. In the commercial branch, a Commercial Apprentice (CA) receives training to become a multi-skilled supervisor. The training period for apprentices (CA) in the various commercial branch job categories is less than 100 days. instruction in the responsibilities of business inspectors, caterers, goods clerks, and parcel clerks, for example.


During training
, you will be paid a salary of Rs. 2800/-.
After Training: Rs. 4200/- as a grade
1st Salary: Rs. 40,000 plus (approx.)
Bond- 5 Years' Bond

Following training, apprentices will be assigned to various railway departments as a commercial supervisor, goods supervisor, parcel supervisor, or commercial inspector. The starting base salary for a commercial apprentice is Rs 35,000. The entire pay, including all benefits, will be approximately Rs 56,000, with variations depending on the city.

Grade Pay- 4200/-
DA (Currently 34% Of Basic Pay)- 12,036/-
Travel Allowance ( Fixed )- 2016/-
HRA ( Varies according to Place)- Minimum 2832/-
Total Pay- 56,484

Job Profile of Commercial Apprentice (CA) :

●CAs serve in commercial departments as a supervisor or inspector.
●CA handles the revenue collection.
●The commercial apprentice is in charge of any business transactions or items transported via railroads.
●They are multi-talented supervisors who must work in a six-person team and assume responsibility for all commercial activity.
●As Commercial Inspectors, Goods Supervisors, Parcel Supervisors, Rates, and Claims Inspectors, respectively, they are employed by the railways.
●Inspecting is one of their responsibilities, depending on the department to which they are assigned. what is happening at the railroad stops.

RRB NTPC Commercial Apprentice Career growth :

After five years of service, they are qualified for advancement via the limited departmental competitive test to the position of assistant commercial manager (Group B). The subsequent career growth is seen below.

Commercial Apprentice Educational Qualifications :

The minimal educational requirement for the RRB-NTPC Commercial Apprentice job is a graduate degree.

Railway Commercial Apprentice Age Limit :

Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 33 at the time they apply for the RRB recruitment.

RRB NTPC Commercial Apprentice Medical Standards :

Candidates must meet the medical requirements listed below in order to be eligible for the position.

•Physically fit in all respects.
•Distance Vision: 6/9, 6/12 with or without glasses (Power of lenses not to exceed 4D).
Near Vision: Sn 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or close work is required and must pass test for Field of Vision(Binocular Vision) etc.

Commercial Apprentice Selection Process :

The RRB-NTPC test serves as the primary means of selection for the position of commercial apprentice. There will be 4 steps, starting with 2 computer-based online exams, then a typing test, and finally document verification.

•1st Stage Computer Based Test (CBT)
•2nd Stage Computer Based Test (CBT)
•Computer-Based Aptitude Test
•Document Verification/Medical Examination.

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