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 B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar) is a specialized undergraduate course that offers students an opportunity to delve deep into the rich cultural heritage of Indian classical music, with a focus on playing the Sitar, a traditional musical instrument. Let's explore the details of this unique course, including eligibility criteria, syllabus, colleges offering the program, fees, and the promising career scope it offers to students.

1. Course Overview:

B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar) is a three-year undergraduate program that immerses students in the world of Hindustani classical music. The course provides comprehensive training in Sitar playing, music theory, and practical performance.

2. Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar), students must have completed their 10+2 with a background in music or a minimum score in a relevant entrance examination conducted by certain colleges.

3. Syllabus:

The syllabus of B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar) covers a wide range of topics, including the history and evolution of Hindustani music, ragas, talas, Sitar playing techniques, music composition, and music appreciation.

4. Specialization in Hindustani Music Sitar:

The course focuses on training students to become proficient Sitar players, enabling them to understand the nuances of playing this classical instrument.

5. Practical Learning:

B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar) emphasizes practical learning, with students engaged in regular Sitar lessons, individual and group performances, and workshops by renowned musicians.

6. Colleges Offering the Program:

Several prestigious colleges and universities across India offer B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar), known for their expert faculty and traditional approach to Indian classical music.

7. Career Scope:

Graduates of B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar) have a promising career scope in various domains related to music and culture. They can pursue careers as professional Sitarists, music teachers, composers, music arrangers, and performers in the entertainment industry.

8. Cultural Heritage Preservation:

By learning and mastering Hindustani Music Sitar, students contribute to preserving India's rich cultural heritage and promoting traditional music on national and international platforms.

9. Learning Opportunities:

The course offers learning opportunities to interact with eminent musicians, attend music festivals, and collaborate with fellow artists to enhance their musical abilities.

10. Scope for Higher Education:

Graduates can pursue higher education in music, such as Master's or Doctorate degrees, to further deepen their knowledge and become scholars in the field.

11. Artistic Expression:

B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar) fosters artistic expression and creativity, allowing students to explore their passion for music and become proficient musicians.

12. Career Opportunities:

The course opens doors to diverse career opportunities, including performing in concerts, participating in music festivals, recording music albums, and collaborating with various artists.

13. Promoting Indian Music Globally:

By learning Hindustani Music Sitar, students become ambassadors of Indian classical music, promoting its essence and cultural significance on the global stage.


In conclusion, B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar) offers a unique and enriching opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the world of Indian classical music and master the art of Sitar playing. With a comprehensive curriculum, practical training, and career scope in various domains related to music, this course enables students to pursue their passion for music while contributing to the preservation of India's cultural heritage. B.A. in Music (Hindustani Music Sitar) not only nurtures musical talent but also empowers students to embark on a successful and fulfilling career in the world of music and cultural arts.

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